Jan. 20th, 2010

Bad things

Jan. 20th, 2010 03:45 pm
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(Posting two seperate journals, good things second because then I can end on a positive note).

1.I hate my uni.

2. First day back and one of my teachers from last sememster throws a bitch fit at me:
me: "Hi, do you have my marks from last term?" (expecting her to say yes/no/come get them from my office)
Her (bitchily): I brought them in last week but nobody was here!
Me (in the same tone of voice she just used): Oh I'm sorry, I was stuck at home because of the snow, I did email you!
Her (presumably remembering the email, and then the one she sent me telling me not to worry about it): You needen't talk to me like that, I was just telling you what happened.
Me: So was I.

3. Yesterday was a total waste of an afternoon. I asked my current teacher if he could possibly spare five minutes and explain the brief to me, his responce:
"It wouldn't be fair on the rest of the class that didn't miss any lessons, you'll just have to wait your turn." Turns out he does it alphabetically. I'm the last person in the register so I had to wait until five minutes before the end of the class for him to explain the breif and then zoom off because he wasn't getting payed anymore.

4. I'm being penalised because of the weather. My bus wasn't running because the roads were dangerous...What was I supposed to do? One of my classmates allready died in a car accident this year, I'd rather not be the second KTHNXBAI.

5. I feel so alone here.
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1. I only have to do this for eleven more weeks...Deep breath...Relax...Repeat

2. One step closer to what I want, just once step closer!

3. Only a month and a half to wait and then Kev is visiting for the weekend :)

4. Dreads and shoes arrving in the post soon :)

5. Tins of Chick Peas three for £1...WIN!

6. I am now really good at Tetris :D

7. Freeeeeeeeeeeeeee texts!

8. You know that I supposidly failed my interiors project aswell as the first one according to Madam De Bitchnizzle (see entry: Bad things), I got C...WTF THAT'S TWO WHOLE GRADES ABOVE A FAIL, THANKS FOR MAKING ME WORRY ALL CHRISTMAS!

9. I ran into my other teacher from last semester and for her project I was soooooo painfully close to a B! She gave me some constructive critisim (apparently, something only she does...), and told me to keep on going and not to listen to negative people because what I do is experamental and unique, I just need to refine it. I blushed :)

10. Going to Edinburgh on Saterday to get fabric, that's fabric FOR ME, to makes something FOR ME, because if I don't get a new outfit soon all my clothes are gonna fall apart!
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My crazy flatmate is moving out.
She had her moments, and she could have been worse I suppose but I'm really not all that sad to see her go.
Flat all to myself and I won't have to worry about someone nicking my toilet roll!
I can walk to the bathroom naked in the morning! Yay!


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