Jan. 25th, 2010

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I've been having terrible trouble sleeping since I came back to uni.
No actually what it's been is, I can't get to sleep at night then I can't get my ass out of bed in the morning so I spend the whole day zombified.
Yes I know I should have done this allready but I'm going to book a doctor appointment tommorow (I have a fear of doctors, I have no idea why, my mam's a nurse).
Going to see if they can tell me why I've spent the last week in crippleing overy pain too (seriously moving slightly wrong is absoloute torture and last person I mentioned it to was like "Oh you're a woman, get used to it!" THISISNOTPERIODPAINGODIEINAFIRE!).
Oh yeah and my rent is going up. :(
At the begginging of the year I went to get my keys for my flat and got stuck at the main uni building for FRIKKIN' HOURS because they couldn't find it.
Eventually they gave me a different room key for the same flat and said "Your flatmate must have the wrong key, talk it over with er, make sure you're happy with the rooms you have, and if you aren't contact Chritine Kellert to let her know you're swapping back."
So stupidly, take this to mean they'll tell her we're in the wrong rooms in the first place.
Apparently not, so today I get a "pay more rent or GTFO!" email becuase they finally relaised when my ex flatmate moved out.
The student welfare officer wasn't in so I couldn't go ask for advice.
Therefore I've spent the entire afternoon curled up in a ball on the floor crying and occasionally checking Facebook on my phone.
Ten weeks to go, only ten weeks to go!

PS Apparently the way to make sure you always get a PC in the computer lab here is to change the gross wallpaper of someone's baby (we aren't supposed to change the damn backgrounds in the first place), to a photo of a "Childfree and loving it" shirt. Nobody other than me has used this PC since...SCORE!


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