Feb. 3rd, 2010

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She did crazy things and was obsessed with putting things in the freezer and stealing the loo roll.
She moved into another flat with a guy in town.
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Is my hero *swoon*

So I came out of lesson and went to ASDA feeling lower than a worm's bum and guilty as hell, and on my way I passed the Big Issue lady (who is super nice and was the only person who came and helped me when I fainted outside of TESCO last year (people stepped over me thinking I was drunk or something), and on this week's cover is Vivienne Westwood.
So I went £1.50 over budget and bought it to try and cheer myself up.
Which it did :)
I desperatly want to hug Vivienne Westwood.
Some quotes from the interview:
"Whatever I've done, I've done with purpose. I expect I do have a very strong sense of theatre and what will invlve people, but I'm not trying to shock people, I'm trying to involve people."

"I say there is a status in holes, especially as you patch them up because it means that you've chosen something and you really like it and you think it suits you and it's part of your personality. I think that's what things should be about, not everybody looking like everybody else. Not buying all these landfill clothes that are made by people on less than $1 a day."

"There's nothing wrong if you keep on wearing the same thing every time you go to a party or whatever, it doesn't matter so long as you look great!"

A few pages later though I notice old grumblepuss is making her mouth go again though...
Grumblepuss being Yvette "I have one interview and one only, I just keep repeating it" Feilding.
Take a wild guess at what she said...

No seriously

Here's a clue then:

She was slagging someone off YET AGAIN

Here's a clue who:

His wife thinks the TESCO Pyjama Party is a great idea...
This is then followed by "The Golden fleexe blah bah blah" (A very reliable source told me that the person who owns the Golden Fleece fakes things in there all the time because it brings the tourists in) and how she now thinks all pyscics are phoneys.
Which totally explains why she still has them on her show...I say them in the broadest sense of the word because the last few I swear they've picked up off the street and told them "If you tell people you can see the dead and name them after custard products and draw the same thing every night we'll feed you!"


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