Feb. 12th, 2010


Feb. 12th, 2010 12:38 pm
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I really need to pee.
I really need to pee and I can't because I have to have my scan done with a full bladder.
Silly question, how in the world to pregnant women have Ultrasounds?
They're nver off the loo.
BRB counting my blessings...

Wednesday I went to bed at just after 11. I woke up at 8 when my alarm went off, rolled over, hit snooze and then other than a few fleeting minutes when I woke up, checked facebook and went back to sleep, woke up again at 5pm.
Yeah you read that right 5 IN THE AFTERNOON.
Lack of sleep caught up with me?

I'm also really upset about Alexander McQueen :(
My current project references his last collection, which I guess now really is his last collection :(

This just seems to have been the longest craziest week ever.
Saterday was fun :)
Did the Galashiels pub crawl in flashing pole dancing heels, was nice to feel human in Galashiels and go out with friends.

Monday, my dreads came, they look fabulous and don't make my scalp itch! I just took them out though because I payed £50 for them, there's no way I'm risking haveing them sponge up MRSA in the Hospital (not that I'm saying Border's General is dirty, I've never been is so I don't know, therefore not taking risks.).

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Last semester one of my projects was to make an "art book" (I still don't know what the heck it had to do with fashion, but I'm thinking of making up fabrics with some of the drawings I did in mine), anyway mine ended up being a three chapter "pop-up, bells, whistles the whole works!" kinda deal about emotions.
One of the suggestions was we use poetry for inspiration, and as one of my chapters was about anger I decided to use "Angry" by Rosie Lugosi.
Now since I have her as a friend on Facebook, I thought I'd ask permission to use it (admtition: If she'd said no, I'd have still used I just wouldn't have scanned it, I am a bad bad person!), she said yes, so long as I uploaded photos of the results.
So I finally got the book scanned the other day and used Facebook's niffty tagging system to tag her in all the pages of the angry chapter.
Well my friend Cheryl favourited a bunch of them, and recons I should do a screen print of one of them, and then one of her friends added me purely because she'd showed him some of the scans and then he hit "like" on almost every page and my face is doing this :D
So I logged into facebook a second ago and I had a message from Rosie, she loves them
:D :D :D
"these are great!

I'd never have thought of interpreting the poem that way - which is what's so amazing about letting other artists 'play' with your work.."


Some of the images:

NJABBIC Page 15 by ~Sigmoonda on deviantART

NJABBIC Page 13 by ~Sigmoonda on deviantART

NJABBIC Page 11 by ~Sigmoonda on deviantART


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