Feb. 23rd, 2010

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So I was woken up this morning by the postman hammering on the dorr (I swear we have the earliest postie ever!), he had a letter for me I had to sign for.
I was pretty puzzled, and I opened it.

Dear Miss Smith

Attendance and Performance for Academic Year 2009/10 (Term 2)

I am writing to advise you of th University's concern that you are not attemding regularly or performing satisfactorily in the following module(s):

Module Code and Title: E18CA CAD For Print & Constructed Textiles

Therefore, in accordance with Regulation 3.11.2, I have to advise you that if this continues, you may not be allowed to be assessed or present yourself for examination in the above module (s), at the next diet of examinations or at any subsequent diet. This is in accordance with Regulation 3.11.3. As a consequence, you may not be able to continue with your studies on this programme.

If you are experiencing any difficulties with this module or your studies in general, please contact me or complete the attached proforma (which is not attactched, or in the envelope at all) as soon as possible. You may also wish to discuss your situation with the staff in Student Welfare Services.

If I do not hear from you by [two weeks from the date of this letter], I regret that I may ave to take the necessary action under Regulation 3.11.3, to ensure that you will not be able to present yourself for the appropriate examination(s).

Yours Sincerely


Ummmmmm WTF?
I've missed two of those lessons. The first one I missed because I was stuck at home because of the snow (Which I did email my course leader AND a bunch of my other lecturers about, not the CAD lecturer though because I had no idea what my timetable was and what I was missing, but I did explain to her before the lesson the following week and she said it was fine), and then I missed another one a fortnight ago as a result of whatever's making me ill fucking up my sleep pattern (no sleep for ages then I slept for 15 hours and missed an afternoon lesson), I emailed her about that as soon as I woke up and again spoke to her before lesson and she seemed fine about it because I'd found out what I'd missed and caught up because I have photoshop on my laptop.

You know I'm starting to wonder if whatever this is making me ill is stress related? Can stress cause severe abdominal pains and sleep crazziness? I know I shouldn't stress out, but I have a real problem with worry, I'm terrorfied of being wrong (which is why I apologise all the time), I think it stems from when I was little and my dad used to yell at me for crying.

This has all just got to the point of rediculous. I'm going to see my course leader, who is clearly going to bitch at me and then I'm going to see Student Welfare and then I'm going to get some credit put on my phone and calling the doctor, and I don't fucking care if my appointment makes me miss his stupid lesson, my sanity is more important.


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