Mar. 29th, 2010

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I think it would be very vain of us to belive that in the never ending void we're the only ones here.
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No1: When a space has my name on it, please ask me if you can use it before dumping your stuff ON TOP OF MY ARTWORK.
Honestly if you'd asked I would have moved my art to one side and let you use it because I'm exposing a screen at the moment so don't need the space for another half an hour or so.
You can stop giving me hacky looks allready, my name is taped to the table and I was perfectly polite when I asked you to move.

No2: You can't put wet screens on top of dry screens, there's signs all over the damn place telling you this, including on the oven doors that you had to open to get your damn screens in there, SO STOP FUCKING DOING IT BECAUSE IF I FIND OUT WHOSE SCREEN IT WAS DRIPPED BLACK INK ALL OVER MY SCREEN I WILL FUCKING DISEMBOWEL YOU!

No3: Re: Wet Screens on top of dry screens. The sensible thing to do when you remove your screen is to move all the screens under it up one place in the oven. It really doesn't take long to do, being that it takes 20 to 30 minutes for a screen to dry even if your screen is right at the top you shouldn't have that many to move up.
So why the hell do people insist on not moving the screens and just shoving the next one in underneath, meaning someone (usually me) has to move ALL 25 screens up because there's no space for me to put mine in?

No4: If ink has my name on it. Please do not use it. Please also do not think that by peeling the sticker with my name on it off you can then claim it. I know my colours, especially when they happen to be mixed out of the very last of the fluro green pigment.

No5: Stop giving me the evil eye because I splashed you with the hose. It was an accident, get over it. The washing out room is tiny and my screen is 5 foot tall, no mattter now careful I am if you stand right next to my screen you're gonna get splashed.
It was an accident GET OVER IT!

Aaaaaaaaand relax *breathes out*


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