May. 8th, 2010

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Ami from Sailor Moon (Sailor Mercury), I identified with her when I was younger. I was always the smart kid that got picked on for being smart.
Sailor Mercury used her smarts more often than she used her powers (and c'mon that little pocket scanner thingy was so cool :D), I wanted to be her so much :)
I do have a few little bits and pieces of Sailor Moon merch her and there, I have an awesome Sailor Venus figurine somewhere.
Sailor Mercury inspired me to go on being who I was and not to let people get me down, because at the end of the day I was better than them. (I know that sounds super big-headed but I AM better than people who try and get me down for actually wanting to learn things).
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Well my summer holidays started today :D
I managed to get everything out of my flat without a major argument with my dad (he seemed to be in a weirdly good mood actually).
Got back to late for Dr Who so huggled Kev for a bit then put some f my stuff away and went online to discover that my photo is in the lyrics booklet for "The Is Dramacore":

Kev checked it out (he got a copy of it in the post this morning) and I'm in the thank yous list to :D


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