Jun. 16th, 2010

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I'm making this public so I can link back to it the next time someone tries to tell me (who wanted to do a history related job but couldn't because the course was cancelled, and whose highest marks in both years of her fashion degree were in "History of Fashion"- An A and a B respectively) that I'm wrong, and that the old "Children's fashion didn't exist until the 1950's" myth is THE ABSOLUTE 100% UN-WAVERING TRUTH!

Some books and links as reference of Victorian children wearing shorter clothing than their parents, sailor suits and general children's fashions from the times:

Children's fashions of the 19th Century- Batsford Colour Books (cover image features a woman in a floor sweeping dress, a small girl in a short dress and a small boy in an early Victorian boys dress)
Clothes in Victorian times - Gill Munton (it's a children's book however so the language is rather simple)
Victorian Fashions and Costumes from Harper's Bazar, 1867-1898 - Stella Blum
The Victorian Town Child - Pamela Horn
And a little more broad:
What People Wore When: A Complete Illustrated History of Costume from Ancient Times to the Nineteenth Century for Every Level of Society- Melissa Everton

Until you can make it to a library you should check out the following links:

http://www.fashion-era.com/Childrens_clothes/1860_1870_girls_costume_pictures.htm (if you take a look at the sidebar you can find the corresponding adult clothing for those years)
http://www.fashion-era.com/Childrens_clothes/C19th_girls_costume.htm (the first sentence in this reads: For centuries little girls were dressed like small versions of their mothers. This dressing of children as miniature adults in every detail continued until the early C18th. However the 18th century is the century BEFORE Victoria came to the throne)
http://www.victoriana.com/boysclothing/boysclothing1860s.htm (boys fashions)
http://www.victoriana.com/victorianchildren/victoriandress.htm (girls)
http://www.victoriana.com/Victorian-Fashion/boysclothing-1890.htm (the sailor suit)
http://www.victoriana.com/edwardianfashions/edwardianchildren.php (a guide to dressing your Edwardian children from the Ladies Home Journal)
http://harpersbazaar.victorian-ebooks.com/Nov2_1867/8-1txt.html (infants clothing from 1867, linked because most dolls of the era which is what I was referencing in the first place were dressed as infants)
http://www.vam.ac.uk/vastatic/nmc/1164_text/Victorian%20Children.pdf (a PDF from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, again this is intended for children so the language is rather simplistic, but if you scroll down to the paragraph on children's clothing it pretty much says it all, also the V and A have some of the best examples in the world of Victorian fashions so if you ever get the chance, do visit)

Try and tell me that the V and A and Harper's Bazaar are wrong and I will actually piss myself laughing (I'll take a photo as evidence if you like?)
Feel free to call me condicending for not rolling over and screaming "OH MY GOD YOU'RE RIGHT!!!"

edit: I realise they aren't massively different to adult costume, but the person who I was trying to debate with, but who resorted to calling me names for being right was trying to tell me there was no difference at all, ever.


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