Jul. 20th, 2010

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While it's pretty sad if someone felt the need to keep their birth control secret from their parents, needing parental consent is a terrible idea.
My mother knew about mine and she was happy for me to take the pill because she knew that just because I was on the pill didn't mean I was going to go out there and shag anything that moved (I started taking the pill at 16, and I had a draw full of condoms not long after but I didn't actually loose my virginity until I was 19), and that it was just a precaution in-case I did decide to have sex (and because before I was on the pill I had really heavy periods and terrible cramp and the pill calmed most of that down), but a lot of the people I grew up with's parents assumed that if their child (who they still saw as a miniature Winston Churchill look-alike-like in a frilly knitted hat and a nappy) took the pill or carried condoms then they would have lots of casual sex.
Actually, the opposite is true of the people I grew up with, like me the girls who took birth control of had purple paper baggies of condoms (C-Card free condoms scheme for the win by the way but why couldn't they have used less in your face coloured bags?) in their handbags were the girls who waited the longest to loose their virginities, and the girls whose parents freaked at the idea of birth control are the girls who became teen mothers or had secret abortions.


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