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I had such a great time :D
So hard to pick who was the best band of the whole weekend because they were all awesome (well except Zeraphim who were boring as hell, but hey I got to rest my feet while they were on), but at a push I would probably say Placebo, even though they played a really weird set (which isn't a complaint by the way, they played quite a lot of the Meds album, and I love that album).
Some general observations on Germany:

It's very clean (yes I did keep thinking "Wow it's so clean!" and then not vocalising it for fear of sounding like Russian Gary the other week).

They know how to feed the more vegetabley inclined among us.
We ate in a Turkish place in Hildeshiem (sp?) on the first night after the epic walk of doom, and I had this absolutely GIANT plate of Falafel, salad ad Cous Cous. I thought that would be the only decent meal I'd get. WOAH NO! The hotel breakfasts were the absolute best hotel breakfasts ever. Salads and bready things as far as the eye could see!
As for the festival itself, I had choice, OMG CHOICE!
Ok, I'll stop talking about food now...

Less crazy drunks, I think the whole festival I counted three crazy drunks, one during The Sisters of Mercy who tried to put his hand up my skirt, (and presumably did the same thing to the girl next to me because we both punched him in the crotch at the exact same time whilst giving each other the universal look of "who the fuck s this wanker?"), one being supported by his mates after as everybody was leaving after the Sisters (he wasn't really bothering people per say, just couldn't find his feet and kept walking into people), and some guy that tried to push his way to the font during Placebo and then found himself even further back because some woman (who kind of reassembled Jabba the Hutt in eyeliner), pushed him back and sent him flying.

Drivers actually use their indicators!
As a pedestrian, I love this :)

Anyways enough waffle.
I likely givea full band run down at some point (probably after I get my photos off my camera).


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