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Disclaimer: Take nothing Louise M Smith says seriously, she is for entertainment purposes only. If you post something on the internet you open it up to discussion, critisism as well as praise, if you find Louise M Smith disagreeing with you on something, keep your cool, explain your opinion and she will expain hers and then you can both carry on your merry little way, do not attempt to state your opinion as fact, it not fact and she will not respect you for it if you do attempt to pass your opinions off as fact. Example:

Piercings are ugly and juvinile

I think piercings make you look ugly and juvinille

She may not agree with your opinion but she will respect it. Please do not reply to anything Louise M Smith says with text speak, l33t, lol speak, pig latin, binary or the Dewey Decimal System, unless you are a friend, making a joke or talking about the Dewey Deciamal System.
Contrary to popular belief Louise M Smith does not believe herself to be better than you, everybody is equal, unless of course you have hurt her or someone she knows in which case the last sentence is void and you therefore become someone she will one day laugh loudly at. No that is not an idle threat, as she strongly believes in karma (mostly because it smells nice).
Louise M Smith is a bitch and she knows it, never call her a bitch, she will kick your teeth in for it. She laughs at people's outfits sometimes, but unless they say something about her own mode of dress she will never say anything directly to them about it, that would just be rude.

Interests (71):

100% dark chocolate, accidentally painting phallic lookingflowers, angelspit, being awesome, beingunabletoremovecheapsunglasses, butternut squash, cats, cats the musical, cider, correctingpeople'sspellingwhilstscrewingup, corsets, countess du barry, crochet, curry, dancing, dr who, dress making, earth get the lentilthing, fenic foxes, first linkin park albums, flailing one's armsaround, folk metal, gothic lolita, h p lovecraft, happy now /cgl/?, harry potter, him (excluding venus doom), hotel rooms, ignoringtheruleofthumbontheright, interesting hair pieces, jack, japanese fashions, jayne eyre, lentils, lost, madam pompadour, marie antoinette, modifying parasolsinto dangerous weapons, moi dix mois, mr mistofleas, music, my burial, neil gaiman, nightwish, not being able spell, offensive t-shirts, orlando a bigraphy, orwine men andsong, paganisim, patrick wolf, printing, rum, seriouslylike three people on, sewing, steampoints, takingfiveyearstoupdatemyinterests, that was anin joke, the girl inthe fireplace, the sandman, the simpsons, the sisters of mercy, the temple of macerena, thesisters of mercy experience, traveling, true blood, unicorn fuckers!, vampires that don't sparkle, vegan pizza, vodka, winewomen and song, you'renot one of them
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