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Last night

Feb. 3rd, 2012 09:24 am
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So last night I walked around some of the haunted places in Newcastle with
We first went to a little ruined house next to the castle keep, I've known this place for a long time and it seemed like a good place to start as it had always felt safe to me and I used to go eat lunch there with friends after our college campus moved to nearby and none of use liked the new cafeteria.
Despite being a ruined, roofless house on a freezing cold night, one part of the room felt warmer than the rest. said that she felt that someone had been baking in there and that there was a thin woman surrounded by children that weren't her own.
I decided to try using my scrying mirror.
Very little happened at first (in retrospect though I was sitting on part of the ruined wall, and why would there be anybody in the wall?), so I moved to the middle of the floor.
At first a thin woman with a pointed nose who matched up with what had been saying, but just as I felt I could see her clearly the image changed, it was hard to focus because there seemed to be so many people there.
One of the strangest images I saw looked like some kind of monster (I know, I sound absoloutly batshit insane right now right? :/), and for some reason I wasn't scared of it, which is odd, but this was literally seconds before said that she thought the woman was an abortionist, so I wonder if maybe she was trying to show me that people thought she was a monster but she wasn't?

Next we walked along the path next to the house that leads along to behind The Cooperage. said there was a pimp just outside of the house trying to look imposing, and further along there was a woman whose throat had been cut. She hadn't seen it coming, the pimp was trying to claim he'd done it but said he hadn't.
A little further along there was a nasty man (I missed some of what said here because I kept getting distracted by a lot of noises coming from the direction she said he was in and I was trying to make sure there wasn't like a badger or something there), and that at the other side of the fence there were laughing women and a tavern.

A little further along the walkway opens out into a square and said there was a woman there singing. There is a notice board at the end of the square that explains that the square used to be a fish market.

A little further along there is what looks to me like a blocked up vault under a bridge, everybody seemed to agree with me that it looked like it had been bricked up at another time and it wouldn't be surprising if there was something behind it.

We then turned a corner and started to head through a tunnel, the last time I had been there I had felt quite odd and hurried through, which is pretty much what everybody else did this time (although I didn't feel the same), Bev however couldn't walk through and ended up going the long was back around to the ruined house.

Back in the ruined house we decided to head around to the other ruined house on the other side of the wall. To do that we had to walk though a covered walkway that I knew there was a story about but I didn't say so that I didn't lead anybody (I will look it up and add some links).
said that someone had been murdered there and it had been a very vicious attack that had kept going long after the person was dead.
What I had previously heard about the area was that a young woman had been murdered in there and she had been so badly beaten and messed up that it was almost impossible to identify her.

Next we headed past the castle keep and headed towards Black Gate.
Before we got to the Black Gate I wanted to head down to an area under the railway bridge where my mam and I had an experience recently and I wanted to know what had caused it.
As we headed down there, the light next to the area (room, vault, maybe? Not sure what to call it), kept switching on and off.
I made sure not to mention what had happened to me and my mam in there, just that something happened, so I found it pretty interesting when everybody with cameras all started taking photos of the same corner, which was also where started walking towards.
I find that place really oppressive and creepy, but I followed in towards the corner because in my head I was really freaking out that if something happened to her it was MY FAULT for not warning her.
She said that the corner had been part of the castle and it had been used to dump bodies, parts of bodies and in one case someone who was not quite dead yet. She also mentioned shadows on the walls.
What had happened to me and my mam the time we'd been down there was that we had decided to go in and have a look since the last time we had been there it had been scaffolded off, as soon as we stepped from the cobblestones to the flagstones we both felt very ill, there was an awful smell in there and I had seen a shadow person in the corner crouched down (these are the one paranormal thing that genuinely scare me, ever other one I have seen has been moving at an inhuman speed and they always set off my "fight or flight" reactions - usually flight - because NOPE.JPG I do not want to stick around and find out why they're trying to scare me KTHNXBAI), we'd actually ended up running to Black Gate to sit down until we felt safe (and then went to the Cathedral for a cuppa in the tea room because tea solves everything).
When we all moved out of that area the light went back on and did not go back off again the whole time we were at Black Gate (you can see the light from there).

Going into Black Gate felt an old Scottish man. She held mine and hands for a while to see if we would be able to feel him too. At first it just felt like was still holding my hands even though she wasn't any more but after that for a little while I felt like my heart was being a but weird.

Next we moved further into Black Gate, all of use except Marc walked straight past what I guess is a room, it dawned on me later on that in all the years I'd been going there, I don't think I'd ever walked into that part.
We walked around to part where you can look down into the lower rooms. While standing there my little finger and the finger next to it on my right hand started to feel really odd and I couldn't straighten them out. I felt that someone had an accident with those fingers, but it wasn't deliberate, it was an accident.
Marc also took a look in the downstairs room that you can get into (it's possible to get into one room, although it's a bit awkward, but the other one has no doors or windows. The ghost walk refer to it as "the oubliette" I know they've talked a load of rubbish about some of the other things in the area but I think they could be right about that one, it doesn't really feel very nice).
Next we moved around to the part I hadn't been in yet, not a lot happened in there other than Nikki being pushed down the stairs!
Then we went to the main part of the gate felt reminents from battles and then a man who just kept repeating that he didn't do it, at which point Nikki felt pains in her stomach (again I'll post evidence when I find it,. but I heard that a man killed his pregnant wife there back when Black Gate was turned into houses).

Next we went along to beside the Cathedral where felt someone who was angry that calmed down when they realised we weren't there to be disrespectful. She stopped next to the three stone coffins. This is EXACTLY where a few years ago someone breathed in my ear from behind me (despite there being nobody behind me) on a Ghost Walk.
Said Ghost Walk has a gallery full of photos of people lying in the coffins, which would explain why there are angry spirits.


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