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I'm making my livejournal friends only from this point. The reason being is that I've used livejournal for a lot of years now and I've mostly discussed goings on in my life (popular topics being my big fat emo phase when I was younger, my half arsed attempt at being a scene queen #wtfwasIthinking? and then onto me getting all happy and shiz), and these days most of the people on my friendlist are people I really know with the odd cool person I've got talking with on one of the groups here or there.
Within the past few months I seem to have picked up a few lurkers here and there, ordinarily I wouldn't mind but screen caps of my personal bussiness ARE NOT FUN.
If you want to be my friend on LJ, leave me a comment here, that said just because you're a friend doesn't mean you'll see everything, I have filters all over the place and anybody found leaking things from my journal will be baaaaawleeted.
I have a public blog here:
Queens of the Wild Frontier
Feel free to cap that shiz if that's your thing, I don't talk about anything worth stalkerising over there anyway.
You can like Queens of the Wild Frontier on Failbork
Follow me on Twatter where I talk crap #withahashtaginfront
Boringspring where you can ask me anything...Or you know talk about fish...That seems pretty poplar at the moment...IT'S A TRAP!
and Fumblr for pretty pictures and experimental crap
Also I have a world of sext now, if you feel like writing me a song, or a dedication to my radiant beauty, go right ahead.
Current friends, I'm not leaving livejournal, just locking it so you can now all comment without wondering if your comment is gonna get screencapped and posted on sites of ill repute.
Oh btw, I'm not locking anything that is currently public so if you wanna go route through tales of my emo phase feel free.


Nov. 18th, 2008 11:06 pm
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I went to see the doctor this morning because three of the toes on my left foor have been numb since saterday morning.

Apparently I have a trapped nerve in my foot which apparently is probably caused by lyeing funny or haveing my leg in a funny position.

Hehehehe, define funny leg position...It was probably that :D

Oh and funniest thing on the internet alert!:

So today's entry into the weird wide web comes from the "Stunner Status" cult on Vampirefreaks. I was bored yesterday, there was a cult invite, I applied.

It's a "beauty" cult (silly I know, but like I said,I was bored!) and their description is as follows:

"What is StunnerStatus?
Note:We are not "brutal"
& We are not here to ruin your day.

We are looking for true beauty.
Not for just another pretty face.
We don’t care how straight your hair is,
Or how many people have faked you.
Here, your opinions and personality count more than anything.
Your views on life
& what matters to you.
Looking good has only a bit to do with it."

So I filled out the appliction, and of the photos I included two were ones I had taken myself and the other four were all from photoshoots I've done (yes they were for students, but they're a helluva lot better than some of the mirror jobs in the profiles of the cult moderators), and waited patiently for a reply.

The first one is simply hillarious, in response to my answer to the tattoo question katherineATROPHY said:

" I have a pentagram on my left shoulder - Well, aren't you original."

Wait, you randomly capitolised half of your username, my, my how original...


The hysteria doesn't end there...

In response to my answer to the art question _bangbang_rawr said:

"-It does my head in when people win prizes for emptying a bin on a floor or something like that, when people with real talent get no recognisation. it's called abstract [unusual, weird, different, unreal], people dig that sort of thing. open your mind a bit, dear.
-pics, wtf. you're applying to a beauty cult.
-no effort. You didn't complete the WHOLE app, and not only that, where was your effort?"

Firstly, you asked for my opinion, I gave it. Yes, haveing just finished three years at college studying art, I think I know what abstract is, and I think you'll find that there is nothing different or unusual about empty bins anymore, it's been done to death over the past decade and the majority of artists did it as a joke to prove how stupidly rich some people are that buy their work. My mind is very open, and don't call me dear, it's not big, it's not clever and I'm not an old lady.
As for the photos, like I said four of them were almost proffesional quality and much better than the lookatmeithinkimaudreyonlyitakemyownphotosinthemirror! quality ones in the mods profiles *sigh* And isn't that response a little hypacritical (see cult description).
And yes I did complete the whole app.

It made me laugh actually, in a duuuuuuude don't take yourself so seriously kind of way.

I have my boyfriend to call me beautiful, don't need a bunch of wannabe scene queens for that.

People are straaaaaaange!


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