Apr. 11th, 2010

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 So yesterday was Saturday, and I discovered Saturday has a morning (WTF?), I had to get up in the morning because I was meting my mam so we could go to a Psychic and Spiritual healing fair.
It's mostly my mam's thing, I go along to make sure she doesn't get ripped of by blatant frauds and cold readers mostly.
So anyways she got some messages from my granda, my auntie Louis who ALWAYS comes through (busybody in life, busybody in death), granda says we need to get my grandma some decent shoes because she's gonna have foot problems soon, got a few  "mew"s from our old cat and two different people said something to my mam about a parrot (my mam is frightened of birds so we were pretty confused by that).
I bought a preeeeety  new tarot deck.
Listened to a talk by some moron selling a ball point placebo pen...

On placebos, in general I don't see the harm in them (for anybody that doesn't know the placebo effect is that if someone thinks something is going to make them well it will, Doctors used to give people sugar pills sometimes and this would work out that way), and I beleive that this is how crystal healing works, people want to believe it can help them and so it does, which is fine so long as people don't charge the earth for "miracle cures" and explain that it's not guaranteed to work then I don't have a problem.
But this guy just frikkin eww.
Basically he was selling a pyramid scheme (aren't they illegal? 0_o).
What he was selling was a "wand" (that reminded me very much of a ball point pen) that was supposedly filled with healing crystals, anyway you shake it around in circles then do a mid-air full stop and keep on doing it until the pain goes away.
They did demonstrations, in a room full of people that want to believe in magic, so of course it worked and he kept wittering on about how great it is and never mentioning the price.
Mam and me suspected it was gonna be one of those ridiculously over priced things and boy were we right. I just googled it : Magical ball point pen of doom (it's the one at the end of the slide show), $304!!!!!!!!

So anyways after that I went off down to the Sage (for non local readers that's this place: Giant snail-like building )
For  "Nick Clegg meets: Newcastle Gateshead" (again for non-UK readers this is Nick Clegg:  Yes the grinning man there, he's head of the Liberal Democrat party )
Had to wat outside for [livejournal.com profile] kev36663   because he had the tickets (which in the end we never needed because our names were on the list), anyways I hid in the corner away from the Tyne Tees Television news crew, only I clearly hadn't hidden quitefar enough away because once Nick got off the Lib Dem party bus and walked into the Sage away from the photographers, I was suddenly surrounded by them!

"Wow I like your hair"
"Can I take your photo?"
"That's a nice jacket"
"I really like your style!"

I was a little stunned (didn't expect that at all, I mean I'm used to people complementing/laughing at my dreads, but not to that degree), so I didn't ask for names/websites which in retrospect was silly because appart from anything else I'd like to see my photos!

So by the time that was done Kev was there and looking ammused inside the doorway, so I skipped down to queue with him :)
The bag searcher and the people on the door all complimented my hair, yay (I fear I may be developing bloaty head syndrome...WHOOPS!), and we goot great seats (almost dead centre second back row! :D).
I was quite impressed by the lack of waffle beforehand and both Kev and I got to ask our questions ("Not only do you have fantastic hair, but that's a fantastic question!"-Nick Clegg), and they both got anwers we were happy with and he did a really good job of handeling the crazy woman in the front with her made up facts (oooh guess what they were about...Immigration *facepalm*)


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