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People have tried and failed to hurt me on the internet. Mostly it seems to be people that are looking for revenge because I spotted something wrong with what they were doing (I try to be as polite as possible when this happens, but people keep on taking it the wrong way).
Last week someone who clearly skim read my post on [ profile] sew_loli  tried to troll me via 4chan.
They seemed to think I thought a bow I made was perfect and people would want to buy t, when in actual fact the point of my post was that it was the first bow I'd made, I knew things had gone wrong and I was looking for advice on how to not make them go wrong in future, and I briefly mentioned that when I worked out the problems I planned on making some to sell.
Someone pointed out this in the thread and then it devolved into posting photos of e just after my charity head shave complete with "EWWWW UGLY!" comments.
Children's playground much?
I don't find myself hideous and clearly neither does my boyfriend, these are the only two opinions on my face I really care about as like the saying goes "beauty is only skin deep".
A while back something similar happened when I posted some photos from Gay Pride to the internet, someone started a "OMG SHE'S SO UGLY" anonymous thread. Funny thing is they used quite a nice photo instead of the one I took especially for them:

In closing until people grow some balls and tell me things to my face instead of hiding behind internet anonymity they don't really bother me.


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