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While it's pretty sad if someone felt the need to keep their birth control secret from their parents, needing parental consent is a terrible idea.
My mother knew about mine and she was happy for me to take the pill because she knew that just because I was on the pill didn't mean I was going to go out there and shag anything that moved (I started taking the pill at 16, and I had a draw full of condoms not long after but I didn't actually loose my virginity until I was 19), and that it was just a precaution in-case I did decide to have sex (and because before I was on the pill I had really heavy periods and terrible cramp and the pill calmed most of that down), but a lot of the people I grew up with's parents assumed that if their child (who they still saw as a miniature Winston Churchill look-alike-like in a frilly knitted hat and a nappy) took the pill or carried condoms then they would have lots of casual sex.
Actually, the opposite is true of the people I grew up with, like me the girls who took birth control of had purple paper baggies of condoms (C-Card free condoms scheme for the win by the way but why couldn't they have used less in your face coloured bags?) in their handbags were the girls who waited the longest to loose their virginities, and the girls whose parents freaked at the idea of birth control are the girls who became teen mothers or had secret abortions.


Jul. 19th, 2010 11:20 pm
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I now have yet more Marie Antoinette icons, I think I need some Casanova ones The BBC one) to balance them out, or actually I'd really like a gif icon of The Dr breaking through the mirror on horseback from The Girl in the Fireplace.
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I don't hate when bands get popular, I hate when bands care so much about popularity that they change who and what they are to stay popular.
"We'll always care more about our fans and our music than being mainstream"

Three years later the guy who said that had half a haircut and the band he was in sounded like every other emo band going.

Good shoes won't save you this time indeed.

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Funny you should mention it, I had a really weird dream last night about the spirit of my cat, Fred from Angel, a pig in a boilder suit and a rabid Big Bird from Sesame Street
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I was going to give you your lucky lottery numbers, but the overweight guy at table 12 got there first.
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(considering cross posting to [ profile] egl friendlist Lolis, let me know if you think I should)
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"My name is Tristan
And I am alive"

Tristan- Patrick Wolf.
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 Following the sad death of Peter Murphy's street cred (he's in the new Twilight film...NOOOOOOO!) I've written him a song:

(ten minutes of bass playing and a guitar being played with a blunt plec sideways)

Stripe on stripe translucent foot-face
Back on the "book"
Bela Lugosi sparkles
The brats have left the bell tower
The victims have been bored to death
(sparkle sparkle sparkle)
Red apples line the black "books"
Bela Lugosi sparkles
(sparkle sparkle sparkle)
The virginal Twihards file past his tomb
Strewn with time's dead tulips
Bereft in deathly bloom
Alone in a darkened room
Bela Lugosi sparkles
Bela Lugosi sparkles
(repeat to fade)
*more sideways plec guitar*

Hopefully Bela Lugosi won't haunt me for that, I've been a big fan ever since I saw a film where he was on a ship (the Marie Celeste I think?) and he was the only one in the film that could act...
The apple and the tulip are reference to the Twilight book covers, I kind of want to burn my fingers now because I had to go on Stephanie Myer's website to find out what the flower was.
The proper tense (is that the right word?) on the sparkles, when it appears three times in a like would be "Spar-kles, spar-kles, spar-kles".
 You win points if you sang the whole thing and got the spar-kles right :)
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One of my shoulders is bigger than the other one...FML
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Urban, the countryside is pretty and all but I couldn't live in it, I'd get bored and feel isolated.
As much as I don't get on with a lot of people bad company is better than no company at all.
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I have no memories of my father, I've never met him.
I used to go on walks in the countryside with my Granda, it probably wasn't all that far, though it felt like miles.
Strangely though, I don't ever remember having tired feet, I just remember fields and butterflies etc, and my Granda of course (whearas all I remember about walks with my Step Dad or his parents is tired feet, and people telling me to stop dawdling).
I'm pretty sure I got my love of music from my Granda, especially slightly cheesy odd stuff (Bobby Picket and the Crypt Kickers for the win :D )
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Um neither, my boyfriend and his cat are far more important than both of those.
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I'm making this public so I can link back to it the next time someone tries to tell me (who wanted to do a history related job but couldn't because the course was cancelled, and whose highest marks in both years of her fashion degree were in "History of Fashion"- An A and a B respectively) that I'm wrong, and that the old "Children's fashion didn't exist until the 1950's" myth is THE ABSOLUTE 100% UN-WAVERING TRUTH!

Some books and links as reference of Victorian children wearing shorter clothing than their parents, sailor suits and general children's fashions from the times:

Children's fashions of the 19th Century- Batsford Colour Books (cover image features a woman in a floor sweeping dress, a small girl in a short dress and a small boy in an early Victorian boys dress)
Clothes in Victorian times - Gill Munton (it's a children's book however so the language is rather simple)
Victorian Fashions and Costumes from Harper's Bazar, 1867-1898 - Stella Blum
The Victorian Town Child - Pamela Horn
And a little more broad:
What People Wore When: A Complete Illustrated History of Costume from Ancient Times to the Nineteenth Century for Every Level of Society- Melissa Everton

Until you can make it to a library you should check out the following links: (if you take a look at the sidebar you can find the corresponding adult clothing for those years) (the first sentence in this reads: For centuries little girls were dressed like small versions of their mothers. This dressing of children as miniature adults in every detail continued until the early C18th. However the 18th century is the century BEFORE Victoria came to the throne) (boys fashions) (girls) (the sailor suit) (a guide to dressing your Edwardian children from the Ladies Home Journal) (infants clothing from 1867, linked because most dolls of the era which is what I was referencing in the first place were dressed as infants) (a PDF from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, again this is intended for children so the language is rather simplistic, but if you scroll down to the paragraph on children's clothing it pretty much says it all, also the V and A have some of the best examples in the world of Victorian fashions so if you ever get the chance, do visit)

Try and tell me that the V and A and Harper's Bazaar are wrong and I will actually piss myself laughing (I'll take a photo as evidence if you like?)
Feel free to call me condicending for not rolling over and screaming "OH MY GOD YOU'RE RIGHT!!!"

edit: I realise they aren't massively different to adult costume, but the person who I was trying to debate with, but who resorted to calling me names for being right was trying to tell me there was no difference at all, ever.
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Right let me start by making something VERY FUCKING CLEAR.
I love animals, I respect animals, two major reasons RIGHT THERE why I chose to go Vegan.
I am also 100% AGAINST FOX HUNTING, it's cruel and inhumane.
I do however understand the circle of life. I understand that you start with plants, herbivore eats the plants, carnivore eats the herbivore, bigger carnivore eats the smaller carnivore etc (lets ignore things like omnivores and scavengers for simplicity's sake right now, partially because they don't really matter to much in the following rant).

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Boy Meets World.

It amused me,I identified with the "aaaaaargh growing up is weird!" themes and my grandparents thought I shouldn't be allowed to watch it because it "wasn't for children and shouldn't be on during the day" so I watched anyways out of rebelness! (I guess that maybe sprung from the Prom episode where he almost looses his V plates and Tapagna accidentally elbows him in the eye...)
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I don't hate it, it's just a bit normal and boring, which I am not.
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Not because I'm afraid, but because, we don't you think wanting to know everything about someone is just a tad creepy?
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Waiting for dinner and drooling over clothes again!

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That is all :)


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